Who we are

What's up gamers? We are Cubepotato, a small but creative gamedev studio from the Milky Way. 🌌
With less than 300 light years of experience, we want to experiment by creating some cool Indie Games.

Our story is pretty short. We as a group of friends started our studio in 2017 with the idea to cook some indie stuff 🔥🥔!
As you can our list of games isn't very long, but the collection is growing very fast. Some projects just didn't come out yet ;)
Also, we love to take a part in variety of Game Jams.
We hope you'll like some of our games. Have fun!👌



Co-founder, Lead programmer


Co-founder, Programmer, Level designer


Concept Artist, Illustrator

Contact us

Join our discord server - Click here!

You can also reach us via mail - studio(at)cubepotato(dot)eu